Turnkey Operations

Turnkey Operations

Our themed and creative Bowling Centers are unique in the sense that they not only cater to the aesthetic sense of the valued customers, but are also very operationally practical for regular bowlers. The creative interiors and practical layout of the centers are due to our complete understanding of  equipment, customer taste and workability of the center as a whole. Our professional team of Interior designers, architects & contractors work together to create an exceptionally well laid and artistically attractive centers.

We do not let the competition  effect us to create just another Bowling Center. We do not cut corners or compromise on our guiding principles just to be able to  be competitive in the market. WE CREATE SUCH LOCATIONS WHICH BY ITSELF SEPERATES US FROM THE CROWD AND INSTILLS CONFIDENCE IN CURRENT AS WELL AS PROSPECTIVE CUSTOMERS. We look forward to our spoiling our customers with choices and ideas so that their expectations keep rising and pushes our work standard and commitment even higher.

Turnkey Operations

The company offers investors the opportunity to take advantage of their unique knowledge and expertise in the entertainment industry. We will design and create a fully operational entertainment centre, to the highest specifications, within a specified budget, anywhere in the country.

Services include:

  • Design and layout of centre
  • Interior decoration and fittings
  • Supply, installation and servicing of equipment
  • Access to specially developed accounting system
  • Marketing and promotional support

Revenue Sharing Operations

In order to expand the FUN FACTOR network, opportunities are available in certain areas of the country. All Revenue Sharing contracts offer the following support:

  • Access to the FUN FACTOR Brand Name
  • Marketing and Promotional Support including access to title sponsors and supporters
  • Design and layout of center
  • Supply, installation and servicing equipment
  • Regular updating of games and machinery to maintain the leading edge
  • Staff training